Fergopol Kłobuck, Poland

Exactly two years ago, Global-MSI has supplied a new canopy for the new Fergopol gas station in Kłobuck at ul. Wojska Polskiego 2. This is a double-skin canopy, supported on 4 main poles and a shop building. It’s total area is over 320 m2. In order to maintain the visual consistency of the canopy structure with the passage direction and the arrangement of islands with dispensers, it was necessary to design poles rotated on the axis by an angle of 30*. Thanks to this procedure, passage under the canopy is more convenient also for big trucks, and the appearance of the canopy itself has become more dynamic.

In the gallery below we present photos taken immediately after installation as well as current photos of the active station.

For additional information, please contact: +48 12 641 67 02 or poczta@global-msi.pl